What do I understand when someone says Threat Landscape?

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

A threat landscape is like a map that shows all the different types of dangers that can harm a computer or a network. Just like a map shows different types of terrain, a threat landscape shows various security risks and vulnerabilities.

For example, a threat landscape would show viruses, hackers, and phishing attempts. These are similar to how a map would show things like mountains, rivers, and deserts. Just like you would use a map to plan a safe route through a wilderness, you would use a threat landscape to plan a safe way to use your computer or phone.

Another way to explain it is if you’re going for a walk or a hike, you want to know if there are any dangerous animals or other hazards in the area. In the same way, when you’re using your computer or phone, you want to know if there are any cyber threats or hazards that may harm you or your beloved mobile phone, tab or your smartwatch.

Understanding the threat landscape and taking appropriate steps to protect yourself and your personal information from cyber threats is essential. This can include having good passwords, keeping your software up to date, being careful about clicking unknown or potentially malicious links, not opening attachments from unknown sources, and using anti-virus software.

By understanding the threat landscape, you can safely and securely make better decisions about using your computer or phone safely and securely.

It’s worth mentioning that the threat landscape is constantly evolving, new threats are arising, and older ones are becoming less relevant, so it’s essential to stay informed and update your knowledge and security measures accordingly.







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