Security Estimation – Budget for your security assessment

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Continuing from our security estimation series, consider the following guidelines to budget for a security risk assessment:

  1. Start with the scope: Determine the scope of the security assessment, including the systems, applications, and infrastructure to be tested.
  2. Assess resources: Identify the personnel, equipment, and tools required for the assessment.
  3. Determine the frequency: Decide how often the security assessment will be performed, such as annually or bi-annually.
  4. Consider the cost of experts: Factor in the cost of hiring security experts, if necessary.
  5. Utilize tools: Consider the cost of purchasing or renting any tools or software needed for the assessment.
  6. Plan for contingencies: Budget for potential roadblocks or contingencies, such as unexpected downtime or access issues.
  7. Review past assessments: Review previous security assessments to determine any recurring costs.
  8. Allocate a contingency: Allocate a contingency budget to cover unexpected costs or changes in scope.
  9. Consider ROI: Consider the return on investment (ROI) of the security assessment and budget accordingly.
  10. Review and adjust: Regularly review and adjust the budget based on actual results and experience.





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